NorCal River Videos

Videos of NorCal fishing you can find on my YouTube channel or click on the blue links below.


Salmon and Steelhead trip on the Klamath, Sept 2019 by True North Fishing NorCal

Klamath River Steelhead for a first-timer from Houston by MackGraphics Humboldt

Klamath Salmon 101 for a first-timer from New Zealand by MackGraphics Humboldt

In Search of Salmon & Steelhead on the Klamath by Patricia Kutza/Vallejo Examiner

Klamath River Salmon by Steelhead Stalkers

Sacramento anglers hit the Klamath by Optimistic Lifestyle

Spring Chinook Fishing on the Klamath: Salmon Slayer Guide Service (Ken Cunningham)

Klamath Salmon 2011 by guide Kevin Brock

Klamath King 2012 by Jeff Goodwin

Combat Fishing at the Klamath Mouth 2012 by Your Fishing Report


Winter Steelhead fishing with Mike Stratman and John Klar by Fishing with JD

2013 Steelhead Season by Brice Dusi

Winter Steelhead on the Smith with Gary Hix by Tackle Tour

Steelhead fishing on the Smith River by Steve Huber Guide Service

Smith River fishing with by Steelbaiter

Fish On/Smith River National Recreation Area with the U.S. Forest Service


Steelhead Fishing on the Eel River 2017 by MackGraphics Humboldt

Steelhead Fishing on the Eel River Humboldt County by MackGraphics Humboldt

Eel River Salmon Fight by MackGraphics Humboldt

Salmon run on the Eel River in 2012 by Tyler Gruner

2013 Spring Steelhead fishing by Chris Owen

2013 Winter Steelhead Chromers by NorCal SportFishing

Catch and release on the Eel by MackGraphics Humboldt

Fly Fishing on the Eel River by Cal Trout, Mikey Weir and Jason Hardwick

12th Street, River Walk Fortuna (fast forward to 2:30 mins in) by Rowdy Kelley

Redtail Surfperch at the Eel River Mouth near Table Bluff by MackGraphics Humboldt


Mad River spawning & moving up river by MRenner73

Salmon jumping & rolling in 2012 by Humboldt Mike

Underwater look at Mad River Salmon in 2011 by Jacob Pounds

River’s eye view of Mad River in 2011 by Jacob Pounds


Trinity River Summer Drift 2016 by MackGraphics Humboldt


Klamath River Salmon 2010 with Kevin Brock

Klamath River Salmon Jet Boat Tour with Cpt Rich Mossholder

Trinity River Steelhead 2012 with P-Line and Justin Wolf

Trinity River Fall Steelhead 2011 with P-Line and Don Newman


Striper Release by MackGraphics Humboldt

Striper on the Hook by MackGraphics Humboldt